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Aug. 31st, 2006


Dear Dominic (Lincoln from Prison Break):

Will you marry me? I realize your married and have children, but we all make mistakes. It's time you realize how perfect we are for eachother.



PS- If you say no, would you ask Wentworth. Thanks.

Aug. 20th, 2006

So excited

So I found out today that I get to go to the after party for the Emmys. I'm interning at FOX, and they invited me and one other intern to go. We are the only interns invited!!!!!

We get to dress up formal and work the greeting area, which means we meet all the stars. Yeah for FOX, yeah for interning!


Aug. 4th, 2006

Irrational Decisions

I'm going to get another tattoo tonight. My family has advised me that mutilating my body four days after breaking up is probably not wise. But who said I was ever wise?

I figure maybe a little physical pain will mask the emotional. Good luck to that, eh!

- V

Aug. 3rd, 2006

Not getting any better

I don't really know how long it would take to get over and to at least walk around with a smile on my face again. Everyone in the office keeps asking, "Whats wrong?". Normally I'd spill my heart, but I'm just not in the mood to talk or deal with things right now. I keep thinking he's just on a trip somewhere and he'll come home and things will be good again. The reality has to set in soon. I wish I could just skip over it.

I hate being lonely. I hate being cliche and spilling my heart to my lj.

- V

Jul. 20th, 2006

Hoping for the best

So I don't think i've posted in like over a year. Well last night we went and saw my husband Adam, or Taking Back Sunday as they like to call themselves. It was so much fun. I haven't had an awesome time at a show like that in so damn long. It was awesome being with the girls and just loving life...

A few moments to remember...
* Tom running/smiling/Tanya and I confused.
* Skanky girls and low cut shirts.
*"Wanna buy a cd guy" and his funny walk.
* Beer vs. food dilemma
* Tanya's jaw/Mara's nose
* Vanessa trying to fight a gay guy in a tanktop.
* Jenny and I singing, "Close your eyes, just settle"
* Dirty talk about Adam's harmonica.
* Being a wet back walking to the car (wink wink Tanya)
* Jenny/Tanya playing the game... I still don't know who won.
* Every Angels & Airwaves song sounding exactly the same (especially buzzed) But I still love Tom.
* Mara and I holding hands the whole time, like a lesbian couple.

And the biggest moment of them all, I wore closed toe shoes!!! And I went home with both of them. It was a successful evening. And I look forward to many more with my ladies.
Love you hoes!!!


Feb. 2nd, 2006

Brokeback Mountain ass

Yah for Brokeback Mountain. Well deserved nominations. Great movie, everyone should go see it.

And from the friends I've talked to that their boyfriends won't go see it, they're dumb. My own father is included. The only men that won't go see are either homophobes, or aren't tolerant. I could do a whole post on how important I think Brokeback Mountain is, but I won't go there.

Just go see it, i'm done.

<3 Veronica

Dec. 14th, 2005


We're retarded for eachother...

Sometimes I wonder why we stay...

Will enough ever be enough...

I don't think so. I would never walk away from someone I love so dearly.

Sep. 27th, 2005

(no subject)

Yeah for friends... I have the best group of friends ever. Thank you guys from coming to the relay this weekend. I appreciate it more than you know... I love you all.


Jul. 26th, 2005

Ma, meatloaf, fuck!

I think there is a reason this always happens around holidays or birthdays... first it was christmas, now its my birthday.

Damn Andrew and Paul for being in on it together, huh Tea.

I'm just confused. But I think he is too.

One thing i'm sure of is my best friends... I love how they call and text throughout the day to see how i'm doing. Good friends for life i'm sure.

I'm excited about San Diego. I think three solid days of drunkness will be good for me....


Still loving you, and always will.

Apr. 15th, 2005

Happy Birthday mom

To my mom:

"You taught me how to love you by
The way that you loved me:
And by your unseen sustenance,
To see what you could see.

You gave to me through who you were,
The gift of what I am.
Your pride in me is now my pride:
Your faith, my caravan.

Your life does not conclude with death,
Nor will it end with mine,
For all the lives I touch, you touch,
And so on through all time."

I have no idea you wrote that, but I love it. Seems to sum exactly how I feel about my mom. At midnight this evening it will be my mother's 49 birthday. Its the third birthday that I have celebrated without her.

Tonight I didn't go out, in loving memory of my mom and to celebrate her birthday I made cookies, watched dirty dancing and cried, cried and then cried a little more. Its the little memories and things that remind me each and every day how she is such a huge part of my life. I hope she knows that my brother and I are ok, and I hope she is proud of me and the person I have become because of her. Its amazing to me how someone that I haven't seen in almost 4 years can be the most influential and important person in my life.

So Happy 49th Birthday Mom, I love and miss you with everything I am.

Love Always,
Your boo baby

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